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Contact: Amy Howell

New Autism Clinic for Children and Families Opens in Memphis

Team Autism Memphis (TAM) is opening in Memphis to serve the Mid-South for children and their families who have autism and autism-related disorders. Founded by two experienced therapists, the first clinic of several will be located at 2018 Exeter Road beside Germantown Speech Language and Learning Clinic, a second clinic is planned for East Memphis as well as clinicians traveling to area preschools and private schools. Rates of children being identified with autism are steadily increasing and Memphis and the Mid-South has a growing need for TAM’s services. “Over the past 15 years the prevalence of Autism has increased from 1 in 150 children to 1 in 68″, says Nancy Massey, M.A., CCC/SLP, and co-founder of TAM.

The clinic will offer a family-based, comprehensive approach to each individual and unique case. Services will include occupational, speech and language therapy, augmented and alternative communication, feeding therapy, applied behavior analysis, counseling, and identification of resources for children such as schools, other counselors, physicians, etc. For a complete list of services, visit

“Our combined 50+ years of experience and multi-disciplinary developmental approach makes us highly qualified to open this clinic which we believe is greatly needed in our area. We are interviewing and adding to our staff at TAM in anticipation of significant demand,” says Heidi Hosick Joyce, M.S., CCC-A/SLP and co-founder.

The clinic will generate clients through referrals from physicians, parents, schools and the general public. New clients must make an appointment and fill out the required forms which may be found on the TAM website. TAM anticipates a large response to this announcement and recommends that parents log into the TAM website to get an appointment.

“Our passion is serving this special needs community and has been for a long time. We are so excited we can open this clinic and help more families,” says Massey.

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2018 Exeter Road | Germantown, TN 38138