What insurance do you take?  Contracts with insurance companies change from time to time.  Currently we accept as in-network Tricare and Cigna.  We are able to provide out-of-network services and insurance forms for you to file with your insurance company. Our office manager can answer questions at any time and help guide you thru the insurance process.  

We have an evaluation from another agency or school, do you need to re-evaluate to start treatment?  The answer to this question is, “it depends”. If the evaluation is less than six months old, we may be able to use the information to generate a treatment plan.  Our clinicians will need to review the evaluation prior to meeting the client to determine the best course of action.  At times, we may start treatment with an existing evaluation and during treatment find that the evaluation no longer reflects the child’s abilities and profile and need to update the evaluation.  

Our child needs to be seen at his preschool, can you support him in that environment?  Team Autism Memphis has clinicians that travel to local preschool and private school settings.  Based on the priorities of the family, and the treatment plan, clinicians will make recommendations as to the most appropriate setting for treatment.  At times, to accommodate everyone’s schedule, their may be a blended option of treatment at the clinic with a parent present to coach or train on a home program and individual treatment at school.